Powering the Band While On The Road

Average battery life has become shorter as energy requirements have increased. The life span will depend on its usage, on average it could be 6 months to 48 months, yet only 30% of all batteries actually reach the 48-month mark. You can increase the life of the batteries by connecting it up to a solar charger during the off periods.

Ever wonder why some traveling bands, or bands on tour have to resort to batteries to power their equipment? This could be very easily be possible for a Marine battery. But why Marine Batteries?Band-Tour-Bus


That is because Marine (deep cell) batteries are meant to be drained dead and re-charged. Unlike using car batteries, they will get ruined if you do that repeatedly. Since a Marine battery doesn’t have to power anything continually, just mainly starting motor, occasionally some lights, and for when you run trolling motors it will take a lot of power out of the battery. This is why one of the best trolling motor battery is worth looking into. As a deep cell it allows itself to be drained dead and be re-charged again without killing the car battery once they are starting to run.  Top Rated Marine deep cycle batteries are designed to have a deep discharging life cycle for added protection. They can therefore recover easier from numerous charge and discharge cycles. Without any effects on battery life, meaning they are heavy duty and capable of harsher treatment.

Things to remember:

  • Batteries sit too long between charges. This could be from as short a period as 24 hours in hot weather to several days in cold weather.
  • Battery is stored without some type of energy input.
  • Cold weather is also hard on the battery. This means that a cold battery does not make the same amount of energy as a battery that is warm. A battery that is completely discharged can become solidly frozen in sub zero weather.
  • Undercharging of a battery to only 90% of capacity will allow sulfating of the battery using the remaining 10% of battery capacity not to be reactivated by the charging cycle.
  • Incorrect charging levels and settings. Beware the fact that some of the cheaper battery chargers can cause lasting harm to a battery.

There is more to comparing batteries than just cost or amp-hour ratings. Being a best battery does not based only on cost. For example: The Concorde AGM’s does not look so good. There is no best battery for all applications. For instance if the batteries are installed to power a remote communications site, the lack of proper maintenance might be the most important aspect. However if used in an off-grid full time home the features such as capacity, life, and the long term cost of the unit is most important.

Optima is without doubt the largest and undisputed leader in battery construction and design in the country. Although a little more expensive than some other options, Optima promises up to 3 times more recharging cycles than their competitors. This means that purchasing multiple imitator batteries, allow for them to wear out, and the Optima battery will still be working and charging.

Additionally, Optima batteries are designed with a feature to combat any vibration resistance. The constant waves and motor vibrations encountered can cause the plates in batteries to dislodge and become damaged. Optima use a unique wound construction process known as SPIRALCELL technology. It eliminates damage caused by vibrations. This offers the user an advantage over the traditional plate design that tends to completely fall apart and disintegrate under the stresses experienced in most boating applications.

Batteries are designed for purpose. It just problems you if you try to use the wrong battery for an application. Nothing can spoil a sunny afternoon at the sandbar more than a dead battery when wanting to return home. Especially when we are powering all out band equipment!