Our Tour Bus Power Center

Life on the road is not always grand. We have a lot of fun, but sometimes it becomes more of a pain. Especially, when things go wrong. A mechanical failure, which leaves us sitting on the roadside or needing water and lights are some of the major problems that may come while 500 miles from the nearest place we know. That is one of the main reasons we started searching to try and find the best RV generator available.

Where We Live

We have a home that we call home and the home we live in. Our tour bus is our primary place of residence. Needless to say, while on the road we get to know each other at times more than we want to. As a group, it is a great thing that we get along so well. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of unfamiliar territory and not having a way to entertain yourself. If you end up in this situation, it will not take long to have everyone snapping worse than a gator.RV


A lack of TV, no water for a shower, no cooking, etc. is not one of life’s most pleasurable experiences. It took time, but we realized fairly quickly that life on a bus is a whole lot harder without a generator. This meant that we started doing some very quick legwork to find one. This often means endless hours of searching through various portable generator reviews.

What We Look For in Generators

When it comes to a generator, we prefer one that is portable so we can use it anywhere it is needed, such as if we take a break from traveling and visit the cabin. It must be able to leave the bus and hook up to the cabin. If it is light, it is also a bonus.

On our bus we prefer to deal with gas generators that run off pure gasoline. It makes it easier to keep up with filling it up and there is available gas no matter where we are, as long as there are vehicles that need gas in that area. We have tried out other types of generators, but we discovered that the price was higher and it was too much harder to find the type of fuel that was needed.wifi

We look for generators that are also backed by a warranty. We value quality above all things and we are not willing to sacrifice having power because of a bad generator. Doing so could mean that we spend a whole lot more time miserable and less time enjoying the fact that we are on our way to our next big adventure.

On the Road Again

We travel throughout the year. We use heat during the winter that is generator powered. During the summer, we depend on our air conditioner. At all times we use water, the stove, televisions, DVD players, WiFi and computers, our equipment, and so much more. That is why before we set off on our next road trip, we will ensure that our generator is in peak working performance. This is a much easier task considering we took the time to find the best. You should as well.