Luring Our Band Members to Bathe

StinkyGear-300x300Touring over the summer months is perhaps the worst thing my band can do. It means cranky people, lack of space, and of course, sweaty bodies. This is a bad combination when traveling on a tour bus from one side of the country to another and it is frustrating because I’ve provided my band members with everything they could possibly need to stay comfortable on the road.

On our tour bus, we have televisions with games, TVs for watching regular television shows and movies, comfortable couches that double as beds, a fully stocked kitchen area, a designated office space, and more. There is even a place to shower and shave.

In this area, I’ve left nothing to be desired. I use only the best shower filter to ensure that everyone feels clean when they get into the shower. It is not a small space that leaves a person feeling cramped. For a tour bus, the facilities are rather large, but still yet, people do not seem to want to bathe in this shower.

This is not good, at all, considering there are some road trips that mean we stay away from home for more than 3 months at a time. We are able to stop at some hotels or other areas where shower access is more enjoyable for some members. It is not like they simply have no desire to shower. They are clean people who enjoy being clean, but they simply do not like the bus shower. They do not like showering while the bus is moving. The water heater does not always last throughout everyone’s shower and no one wants to be the one who gets stuck rinsing off in a cold shower. Their reasons are endless, but it is not always practical to stop for a night. Between some shows, it is almost impossible to stop for an hour.

I have asked the band members what more could I do to make their life on the road a little bit sweeter, not to mention cleaner. Not many have a real opinion that is actually going to work. However, I suggested that we get a towel warmer as a way to entice them to take a shower. I pointed out that with a towel warmer, even if the hot water leaves them cold, they will be able to simply reach out and grab a warm towel off the rack. It was an idea that delighted everyone.RV-Shower


So, I spent days reading through towel warmer reviews, trying to find the best option available. I wanted one that heated towels quickly, because there are a lot of us who need to shower this summer. I found one that could hold several towels at one time. I purchased it and when it arrived, I got everyone together and showed them what a towel warmer was all about.

They raved over how it felt like the towel had just came out of the dryer. They were excited by our upcoming road trip and I got everyone’s word that showers would no longer be something they avoided while on the bus. They thought that of all the luxury I had already tried to provide them with, this was the best thing I could have ever done for them and what made it even better was that a couple members wanted to use the tour bus shower now to test it out and see exactly how well it would work for them.

The results: everyone took a shower that day just so that they could wrap themselves in a warm towel afterward. I’m thinking that perhaps this summer run will not be so sweaty and miserable after all.