How to Have a Clear Mind and Stress Free Life

What Can You Do?

Have you ever felt empty and sad without reason? Sometimes you call it “soul searching”. It could be but likely you are in a state of stress. First and foremost, identify the possible causes of stress so that you can handle them effectively.

The External Factors

Change: Any form of change can be stressful. A new boss, new policy, new environment, new job – all these means you have to move out from your comfort zone. Financial issues are also common. In this life you need to earn in order to survive, to buy food, send your kids to school, etc. Pressures at work and school can be very stressful too – upcoming presentations, meeting the deadline, being around with a hot-tempered boss or an upcoming final exam. Rearing kids and being in complex relationships can contribute to stress as well.

The Internal Factors

Stress can cause inner conflict. It’s tough when you are in a battle with yourself. Identify the internal issues and try to resolve them then one day you’ll realize you are out of it. Chronic worrying won’t help you. When we are faced with issues, it’s normal to think about the problem. But remember, constantly worrying can’t solve it. Never underestimate the power of mind to control things. Negative self-talk and pessimism are among the most common perennial problem faced by the majority. Avoid setting unrealistic goals and expectations. When you plan your objectives, be sure they are attainable. Be open to accept flaws and failures too. Lack of flexibility often results to inner conflict and it’s nearly impossible to seek outside help when you are not willing to change your personal views about things.

How to Deal With Stress?

  • Prioritize your goals. List down what you want to accomplish for the day so you’ll be guided accordingly. Take note of all the things you ought to do and pick the most important. Be sure to choose those you can accomplish depending on your determined time-frame for completion.
  • Exercise: Daily exercise is key to living a stress free life. Find the best hybrid bikes on the market and ride for a mile every day. Remember that hybrid bikes for women are different than mens.
  • Identify possible issues and concerns. When you plan, try to perceive possible challenges and list down resolutions in each. It’s wise to call on your support group and let them know your concerns. Group discussion and brainstorming can help a lot in resolving issues.
  • Adapt to change. As the saying goes “nothing is constant in this world but change”. If something is investable, accept it. Focus on some factors that you can enhance to produce better results. Determine the main problem and focus on positive means to address it. Try viewing things at a bigger picture. Empathize and learn to put yourself in other’s shoes. Ask yourself, if I am in this situation, how would I feel? How would I react? What will I do? So before you can even judge the other party, you may see yourself in his or her situation.
  • Unwind and relax. Attend to yoga sessions and schedule a 30-minute exercise every day. Travel with your family, shop or watch movies. Learn to balance life, work, family and fun. After all, life is not all about achievements, work, being rich. It’s more of building relationships, touching people’s lives and living with sense of honor and integrity.