How Our Band Feels About Stereo Equipment

8trackAs a band we strive to make music sound its best. A band does not make it far if their sound quality and the lyrics are not exactly what the people want to hear. It takes a lot of effort on our part to make sure that the song comes across clearly because when we want to listen to music, be it ours or the tunes from some of our personal favorite bands, we want it to sound great. That is also why we choose only the best stereo equipment when we are both traveling to the next stop along our tour and when we are at home hanging out with our family and friends. Every day we are glad that it is a new era from when radio was first invented. It helps us to enjoy our music a little more.

The Good Ole Days

Do you remember the days of records and eight track tapes? The days when people thought the music sounded great if it also had a little snap, crackle and pop combined with good ole rock and roll? Some of the greatest music artists lived during that time. However, the music was not very convenient. Record players were typically kept at home, indoors, and if you wanted to take your tunes outside, you had to blast sound through speakers that were crackling and popping as much as the record.

If you had an eight track tape player, you were slightly luckier. You could at least have one of those in your vehicle for camp outs and other things. People were delighted with it, but found room for improvement when cassette tapes and then CDs were invented. With each new invention in players, there was also room for improvement within the speaker industry and finally, thanks to the rapidly improving stereo equipment we have now, things are only going to get better.

It’s a New Era in Music

Thanks to the newest improvements in stereo equipment, things are getting much more enjoyable. It is easier than ever to take your music with you wherever you want to go. It first began with MP3 players and people using their home computer to stream music. Then smart phones came along and with it, the option of Bluetooth. Bluetooth freed up our phones and allowed us to enjoy music in the middle of nowhere if we wanted it and it has even led to people having an outdoor stereo system, which is a very popular option to have for our band, as long as it meets a few of our personal requirements.

How Our Band Feels About Stereo Equipment Now

vibrationsWhen talking about the equipment we use, we are as a group constantly searching for better. We want clear sound that makes us feel as though we are at a concert, especially when we are home and kicking back. We especially love the new bluetooth outdoor rock speakers that are available so that we can chill by the pool.

Some of the biggest things we look at when buying speakers is the frequency it is rated for. We also want the drivers to be made of a solid material so that we can avoid hearing vibration. Ideally, we will use speakers that have a crossover circuit to direct sounds to the tweeter and woofers.

Other aspects that we look for include easy connectivity via Bluetooth and a person should never underestimate the power of 360 degree sound systems for outdoor use. We spend our lives around music in one way or another. We wouldn’t be so happy to do it if we had to grit our teeth because we listen to sounds from the horrible stereo equipment. It is a blessing to us that now, we no longer have to. New equipment is constantly coming out and most are reasonably priced.