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North Carolina Native, Steven has had music flowing through his body from a young age. Bringing a smooth folk sound to the scene; Steven left North Carolina to pursue his dream in LA.

Check Tour Dates Below:

  • February 5, 2011

    Winestyles – Acoustic – Greensboro, NC

    From: 7:00 pm

    To: 10:00 pm

    Location: 3326 West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC

  • February 12, 2011

    Bongo After Hours Theatre – Solo w/ Michelle Parish – Nashville, TN

    From: 9:00 pm

    To: 11:00 pm

    Location: Belmont University – 2007 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville, TN

  • February 18, 2011

    EXCHANGE SCAN Benefit – Old Winston Social Club – Winston Salem

    From: 8:00 pm

    To: 12:00 am

    Location: Old Winston Social Club 1131 Burke St, Winston-Salem, NC

  • March 18, 2011

    Alive @ 5! Series – Charlotte, NC

    From: 5:00 pm

    To: 7:00 pm

    Location: Cone Center, UNC Charlotte, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC

  • March 19, 2011

    St. Jude Benefit – The Library – Chapel-Hill

    From: 8:00 pm

    To: 10:00 pm

    Location: The Library, 120 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

Our Tour Bus Power Center

Life on the road is not always grand. We have a lot of fun, but sometimes it becomes more of a pain. Especially, when things go wrong. A mechanical failure, which leaves us sitting on the roadside or needing water and lights are some of the major problems that may come while 500 miles from the nearest place we know. That is one of the main reasons we started searching to try and find the best RV generator available.

Where We Live

We have a home that we call home and the home we live in. Our tour bus is our primary place of residence. Needless to say, while on the road we get to know each other at times more than we want to. As a group, it is a great thing that we get along so well. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of unfamiliar territory and not having a way to entertain yourself. If you end up in this situation, it will not take long to have everyone snapping worse than a gator.RV


A lack of TV, no water for a shower, no cooking, etc. is not one of life’s most pleasurable experiences. It took time, but we realized fairly quickly that life on a bus is a whole lot harder without a generator. This meant that we started doing some very quick legwork to find one. This often means endless hours of searching through various portable generator reviews.

What We Look For in Generators

When it comes to a generator, we prefer one that is portable so we can use it anywhere it is needed, such as if we take a break from traveling and visit the cabin. It must be able to leave the bus and hook up to the cabin. If it is light, it is also a bonus.

On our bus we prefer to deal with gas generators that run off pure gasoline. It makes it easier to keep up with filling it up and there is available gas no matter where we are, as long as there are vehicles that need gas in that area. We have tried out other types of generators, but we discovered that the price was higher and it was too much harder to find the type of fuel that was needed.wifi

We look for generators that are also backed by a warranty. We value quality above all things and we are not willing to sacrifice having power because of a bad generator. Doing so could mean that we spend a whole lot more time miserable and less time enjoying the fact that we are on our way to our next big adventure.

On the Road Again

We travel throughout the year. We use heat during the winter that is generator powered. During the summer, we depend on our air conditioner. At all times we use water, the stove, televisions, DVD players, WiFi and computers, our equipment, and so much more. That is why before we set off on our next road trip, we will ensure that our generator is in peak working performance. This is a much easier task considering we took the time to find the best. You should as well.

How Our Band Feels About Stereo Equipment

8trackAs a band we strive to make music sound its best. A band does not make it far if their sound quality and the lyrics are not exactly what the people want to hear. It takes a lot of effort on our part to make sure that the song comes across clearly because when we want to listen to music, be it ours or the tunes from some of our personal favorite bands, we want it to sound great. That is also why we choose only the best stereo equipment when we are both traveling to the next stop along our tour and when we are at home hanging out with our family and friends. Every day we are glad that it is a new era from when radio was first invented. It helps us to enjoy our music a little more.

The Good Ole Days

Do you remember the days of records and eight track tapes? The days when people thought the music sounded great if it also had a little snap, crackle and pop combined with good ole rock and roll? Some of the greatest music artists lived during that time. However, the music was not very convenient. Record players were typically kept at home, indoors, and if you wanted to take your tunes outside, you had to blast sound through speakers that were crackling and popping as much as the record.

If you had an eight track tape player, you were slightly luckier. You could at least have one of those in your vehicle for camp outs and other things. People were delighted with it, but found room for improvement when cassette tapes and then CDs were invented. With each new invention in players, there was also room for improvement within the speaker industry and finally, thanks to the rapidly improving stereo equipment we have now, things are only going to get better.

It’s a New Era in Music

Thanks to the newest improvements in stereo equipment, things are getting much more enjoyable. It is easier than ever to take your music with you wherever you want to go. It first began with MP3 players and people using their home computer to stream music. Then smart phones came along and with it, the option of Bluetooth. Bluetooth freed up our phones and allowed us to enjoy music in the middle of nowhere if we wanted it and it has even led to people having an outdoor stereo system, which is a very popular option to have for our band, as long as it meets a few of our personal requirements.

How Our Band Feels About Stereo Equipment Now

vibrationsWhen talking about the equipment we use, we are as a group constantly searching for better. We want clear sound that makes us feel as though we are at a concert, especially when we are home and kicking back. We especially love the new bluetooth outdoor rock speakers that are available so that we can chill by the pool.

Some of the biggest things we look at when buying speakers is the frequency it is rated for. We also want the drivers to be made of a solid material so that we can avoid hearing vibration. Ideally, we will use speakers that have a crossover circuit to direct sounds to the tweeter and woofers.

Other aspects that we look for include easy connectivity via Bluetooth and a person should never underestimate the power of 360 degree sound systems for outdoor use. We spend our lives around music in one way or another. We wouldn’t be so happy to do it if we had to grit our teeth because we listen to sounds from the horrible stereo equipment. It is a blessing to us that now, we no longer have to. New equipment is constantly coming out and most are reasonably priced.

Luring Our Band Members to Bathe

StinkyGear-300x300Touring over the summer months is perhaps the worst thing my band can do. It means cranky people, lack of space, and of course, sweaty bodies. This is a bad combination when traveling on a tour bus from one side of the country to another and it is frustrating because I’ve provided my band members with everything they could possibly need to stay comfortable on the road.

On our tour bus, we have televisions with games, TVs for watching regular television shows and movies, comfortable couches that double as beds, a fully stocked kitchen area, a designated office space, and more. There is even a place to shower and shave.

In this area, I’ve left nothing to be desired. I use only the best shower filter to ensure that everyone feels clean when they get into the shower. It is not a small space that leaves a person feeling cramped. For a tour bus, the facilities are rather large, but still yet, people do not seem to want to bathe in this shower.

This is not good, at all, considering there are some road trips that mean we stay away from home for more than 3 months at a time. We are able to stop at some hotels or other areas where shower access is more enjoyable for some members. It is not like they simply have no desire to shower. They are clean people who enjoy being clean, but they simply do not like the bus shower. They do not like showering while the bus is moving. The water heater does not always last throughout everyone’s shower and no one wants to be the one who gets stuck rinsing off in a cold shower. Their reasons are endless, but it is not always practical to stop for a night. Between some shows, it is almost impossible to stop for an hour.

I have asked the band members what more could I do to make their life on the road a little bit sweeter, not to mention cleaner. Not many have a real opinion that is actually going to work. However, I suggested that we get a towel warmer as a way to entice them to take a shower. I pointed out that with a towel warmer, even if the hot water leaves them cold, they will be able to simply reach out and grab a warm towel off the rack. It was an idea that delighted everyone.RV-Shower


So, I spent days reading through towel warmer reviews, trying to find the best option available. I wanted one that heated towels quickly, because there are a lot of us who need to shower this summer. I found one that could hold several towels at one time. I purchased it and when it arrived, I got everyone together and showed them what a towel warmer was all about.

They raved over how it felt like the towel had just came out of the dryer. They were excited by our upcoming road trip and I got everyone’s word that showers would no longer be something they avoided while on the bus. They thought that of all the luxury I had already tried to provide them with, this was the best thing I could have ever done for them and what made it even better was that a couple members wanted to use the tour bus shower now to test it out and see exactly how well it would work for them.

The results: everyone took a shower that day just so that they could wrap themselves in a warm towel afterward. I’m thinking that perhaps this summer run will not be so sweaty and miserable after all.

Powering the Band While On The Road

Average battery life has become shorter as energy requirements have increased. The life span will depend on its usage, on average it could be 6 months to 48 months, yet only 30% of all batteries actually reach the 48-month mark. You can increase the life of the batteries by connecting it up to a solar charger during the off periods.

Ever wonder why some traveling bands, or bands on tour have to resort to batteries to power their equipment? This could be very easily be possible for a Marine battery. But why Marine Batteries?Band-Tour-Bus


That is because Marine (deep cell) batteries are meant to be drained dead and re-charged. Unlike using car batteries, they will get ruined if you do that repeatedly. Since a Marine battery doesn’t have to power anything continually, just mainly starting motor, occasionally some lights, and for when you run trolling motors it will take a lot of power out of the battery. This is why one of the best trolling motor battery is worth looking into. As a deep cell it allows itself to be drained dead and be re-charged again without killing the car battery once they are starting to run.  Top Rated Marine deep cycle batteries are designed to have a deep discharging life cycle for added protection. They can therefore recover easier from numerous charge and discharge cycles. Without any effects on battery life, meaning they are heavy duty and capable of harsher treatment.

Things to remember:

  • Batteries sit too long between charges. This could be from as short a period as 24 hours in hot weather to several days in cold weather.
  • Battery is stored without some type of energy input.
  • Cold weather is also hard on the battery. This means that a cold battery does not make the same amount of energy as a battery that is warm. A battery that is completely discharged can become solidly frozen in sub zero weather.
  • Undercharging of a battery to only 90% of capacity will allow sulfating of the battery using the remaining 10% of battery capacity not to be reactivated by the charging cycle.
  • Incorrect charging levels and settings. Beware the fact that some of the cheaper battery chargers can cause lasting harm to a battery.

There is more to comparing batteries than just cost or amp-hour ratings. Being a best battery does not based only on cost. For example: The Concorde AGM’s does not look so good. There is no best battery for all applications. For instance if the batteries are installed to power a remote communications site, the lack of proper maintenance might be the most important aspect. However if used in an off-grid full time home the features such as capacity, life, and the long term cost of the unit is most important.

Optima is without doubt the largest and undisputed leader in battery construction and design in the country. Although a little more expensive than some other options, Optima promises up to 3 times more recharging cycles than their competitors. This means that purchasing multiple imitator batteries, allow for them to wear out, and the Optima battery will still be working and charging.

Additionally, Optima batteries are designed with a feature to combat any vibration resistance. The constant waves and motor vibrations encountered can cause the plates in batteries to dislodge and become damaged. Optima use a unique wound construction process known as SPIRALCELL technology. It eliminates damage caused by vibrations. This offers the user an advantage over the traditional plate design that tends to completely fall apart and disintegrate under the stresses experienced in most boating applications.

Batteries are designed for purpose. It just problems you if you try to use the wrong battery for an application. Nothing can spoil a sunny afternoon at the sandbar more than a dead battery when wanting to return home. Especially when we are powering all out band equipment!

How to Have a Clear Mind and Stress Free Life

What Can You Do?

Have you ever felt empty and sad without reason? Sometimes you call it “soul searching”. It could be but likely you are in a state of stress. First and foremost, identify the possible causes of stress so that you can handle them effectively.

The External Factors

Change: Any form of change can be stressful. A new boss, new policy, new environment, new job – all these means you have to move out from your comfort zone. Financial issues are also common. In this life you need to earn in order to survive, to buy food, send your kids to school, etc. Pressures at work and school can be very stressful too – upcoming presentations, meeting the deadline, being around with a hot-tempered boss or an upcoming final exam. Rearing kids and being in complex relationships can contribute to stress as well.

The Internal Factors

Stress can cause inner conflict. It’s tough when you are in a battle with yourself. Identify the internal issues and try to resolve them then one day you’ll realize you are out of it. Chronic worrying won’t help you. When we are faced with issues, it’s normal to think about the problem. But remember, constantly worrying can’t solve it. Never underestimate the power of mind to control things. Negative self-talk and pessimism are among the most common perennial problem faced by the majority. Avoid setting unrealistic goals and expectations. When you plan your objectives, be sure they are attainable. Be open to accept flaws and failures too. Lack of flexibility often results to inner conflict and it’s nearly impossible to seek outside help when you are not willing to change your personal views about things.

How to Deal With Stress?

  • Prioritize your goals. List down what you want to accomplish for the day so you’ll be guided accordingly. Take note of all the things you ought to do and pick the most important. Be sure to choose those you can accomplish depending on your determined time-frame for completion.
  • Exercise: Daily exercise is key to living a stress free life. Find the best hybrid bikes on the market and ride for a mile every day. Remember that hybrid bikes for women are different than mens.
  • Identify possible issues and concerns. When you plan, try to perceive possible challenges and list down resolutions in each. It’s wise to call on your support group and let them know your concerns. Group discussion and brainstorming can help a lot in resolving issues.
  • Adapt to change. As the saying goes “nothing is constant in this world but change”. If something is investable, accept it. Focus on some factors that you can enhance to produce better results. Determine the main problem and focus on positive means to address it. Try viewing things at a bigger picture. Empathize and learn to put yourself in other’s shoes. Ask yourself, if I am in this situation, how would I feel? How would I react? What will I do? So before you can even judge the other party, you may see yourself in his or her situation.
  • Unwind and relax. Attend to yoga sessions and schedule a 30-minute exercise every day. Travel with your family, shop or watch movies. Learn to balance life, work, family and fun. After all, life is not all about achievements, work, being rich. It’s more of building relationships, touching people’s lives and living with sense of honor and integrity.